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Medium, Award of Certificates & Prizes


Medium of instruction and examinations for Foundation and Operational Levels will be in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

The medium of instruction and examination for Managerial Level Strategic I Level, and Integrative Case Study will be only in the English Medium.

Thus, the CMA Sri Lanka Professional Qualification will offer employment not only in our own country, but also provide opportunities for overseas employment.

The conduct of the lectures and examinations in English is in keeping with the language used by the business sector locally and globally. There will be three Skill Course Units to develop Communication Skill in English and one Skill Course Unit to develop computer application.


Award of Certificates 

Students who complete each Level will be issued with a Certificate in addition to the Results Sheet as follows.

Level 1 (Foundation Level)
Awards: Certificate in Accounting & Business Studies
Level 2 (Operational Level)
Awards: Diploma Certificate in Accounting & Business Studies 
Level 3 (Managerial Level)
Awards: Advanced Management Accounting and Business Studies 
Level 4 (Strategic Level) 
Awards: Strategic Level Examination Certificate 
Level 5 (Integrative Case Study)
Awards: Final Examination Certificate
3 Years Practical Training & Viva Voce Examination
Awards: Associate Membership of The Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka ACMA
Completing 5 years after award of membership and relevant CPD requirements
Awards: Fellowship of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka FCMA



Prizes are offered for each stage. Students who obtain the highest marks at their first attempt and reach a distinction level will be awarded subject prizes. Students who obtain the first and second total marks, at their first attempt at distinction level will be awarded the order of merit prizes.

Certificate of Merit will be awarded for the student who obtained the highest marks of the Level 5 - Integrative Case Study (ICS) paper without considering the number of attempts. The decision will be taken by the President & the Governing Council of CMA & it is subject to change.

Gold Medal will be awarded to most outstanding student at each level who has completed the Final (Integrative Case Study) Examination, as Founder President Award.