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  1. Levels are designed to test the candidates' level of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation pertaining to each subject. The number of hours of examination in respect of each course unit / paper is given in the schedule "Examination Structure" in above page. As you would observe there will be a total of 17 core course units,4 skill course units and an Integrative Case Study which will be tested in 62 hours.
  2. Evaluation of Core Course Units and Skill Course Units

    Scheme of evaluation of each course unit is given with the respective course syllabus. While the pass mark for any individual core course unit is 50, grades of evaluation in detail are given as follows. For skill course units grades of evaluation are either pass or fail, and candidates are required to obtain a pass grade for each skill course unit.

    A - Distinction, B - Good Pass, C - Pass Standard, D - Failure, E - Bad Failure.

  3. Progression from One Level to the Next

    There are 17 core course units, 4 skill course units and an Integrative Case Study to be completed.

    1. Candidates are required to complete the core course units (pass or receive exemptions) of Level 1, prior to proceeding to the next level. In Level 1 they may sit the full level or course units thereof.
    2. Candidates are required to successfully complete the core course units of Level 2 and Level 3 and four skill course units prior to progressing to Strategic Level. They can take a maximum of six course units from the two levels at a time, subject to requirements of (i), (ii) and (iii) given below.
      1. Course units in the Management Accounting stream (FL1, OL1, ML1 and SL1) and the Financial Accounting stream (FL 2, OL 2, ML 2 and SL 3) follow a logical sequence. In order to follow a higher level course unit the corresponding lower level course unit has to be successfully completed.
      2. Candidates may take SK 2 after completing of SK 1. However, SK4 can be taken only on successful completion of SK1 and SK 2.
      3. All four core course units of Level 4 must be attempted together at the first sitting. Course unit-wise passes will be given. Balance course units can be attempted after the first sitting.
    3. The Integrative Case Study can be attempted only on successful completion of all four levels prior to it.
    4. On completion of each level, candidates are eligible to receive the certificate assigned for that level provided they pass all levels prior to that Level.
  4. Organization of the Examination Syllabus

    Under the Syllabus Structure the main topics in the course unit together with their relative importance (weight) are specified.

    Thereafter, each topic is elaborated under the terms Focus and Content.

    Focus specifies the learning outcomes for the students. It will also serve as a teaching guide to the instructors. Content specifies the sub-topics covered under a topic.

The Examinations have been structured in a step - by -step process and students will have to progress from Level one upwards. In order to apply for a subject at a higher grade, all subjects at the previous stages should have been passed, exempted or applied for, together with the other subjects.

Subject referrals for one subject in Strategic Level may be granted.