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How to Register

A candidate may obtain a copy of the Students Guide(English/Sinhala/Tamil) and an form at the CMA Secretariat or Click below link to downlaod the Registration Application.

Those who wish to receive these documents by post should send a self-addressed and stamped (Rs. 40/-) envelope (12" x 10") to the Secretariat.

Documents to be attached to the application for student registration

  1. Certified photocopies of the educational / professional qualifications.
  2. Certified photocopy of the birth Certificate.
  3. Two stamp - size (3.0 cm x 2.5 cm) colour photographs. Paste one photograph to the application form. The other photograph should be certified. Your name and the signature should appear on the reverse of the certified photograph. Photographs exceeding the stipulated size will not be accepted.
  4. The photocopies of certificates and the photograph, which is not pasted to the application, should be certified by the attestor of the "Application for Student Registration".

    The photocopies of certificates should be certified by the attestor under his/her official stamp which indicates his/her name and other relevant particulars.

    The name used, in all the applications should be strictly in accordance with the Birth Certificate.

    Where documents indicate the name different from the Birth Certificate, an Affidavit attested by a Justice of Peace (JP) should be submitted.

    The photograph (other than the one which is pasted to the application) and the photocopies of certificates which are not duly certified will not be accepted. Photocopies of "Application For Student Registration" Forms should not be used for registration.

    Completed "Application for Student Registration" forms are not accepted via fax or E-mail.
  5. The duplicate of the Paying-in-slip for the Registration Fee and the Annual Subscription Fee, together with the student's copy of the Special Payment Voucher obtained, upon depositing the money, from a branch of the People's Bank. The list of branches at which these deposits could be made, is given on the reverse of the Institute copy of the Special Payment Voucher. (The Special Payment Voucher should bear the round stamp of bank branch and the signature of an authorized officer ). This Special Payment Voucher should be used to pay only the Registration Fee. Neither the Exemptions Fee nor the Examination Fee should be paid at the time of submitting the "Application For Student Registration"

"Applications For Student Registration" together with the necessary documents should be sent under Registered Cover to the Secretariat.

The top left hand corner of the envelope should bear the words "Application For Student Registration"