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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)



  1. Do I start my CPD from the day I join as a member of The Institute?

The CPD year runs from 1st January to 31st December, If you are a member from 1st January, you can apply accordingly. However, if for example you became a member in September then you can start CPD immediately.

  1. Can I backdate or carry over CPD hours?

  CPD is for a three year period and will be valid only for this period. Backdated CPD hours cannot be claimed, nor carry over hours to the next CPD period.

  1. I am retired. But occasionally carry out professional work. Do I have to comply with the CPD guidelines set out in Guide?


  1. Can lecturing hours claim for CPD?

Yes. But CPD hours granted will be permitted to the extent to new knowledge you acquired which is verifiable.

  1. Does CMA accept CPD activities from non-CMA sources?

CMA will accept CPD activities from any source competent in the relevant field. Full credit provided for CPD activities conducted by other IFAC member bodies.