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Examination Structure

Course Title/Subject Title Subject CodeHours of Exam.
Level 1 (Foundation Level)   
Management Accounting Fundamentals (MAF)FL 12
Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FAF)FL 22
Business Mathematics & Statistics (BMS)FL 32
Mangt., Corporate Governance & Ethics (MGE)FL 42
Busi. Econs. & Busi.Fin. Fundamentals (BEF)FL 52
Skill Course Units
Business English 

(BE I)

SK 12
Level 2 (Operational Level)   
Operational Management Accounting (OMA)OL 13
Financial Accounting & Reporting (FAR)OL 23
Operations & Info. Systems Management (OIM)OL 33
Business Law & Taxation (BLT)OL 44
Skill Course Units
Business English II 
(BE II) SK 23
Information Technology Applications (ITA)SK 33
Level 3 (Managerial Level)   
Integrative Management Accounting (IMA)ML 13
Corporate Reporting & Analysis (CRA)ML 23
Marketing & People Management (MPM)ML 33
Corporate Law & Advanced Taxation (CLT)ML 44
Skill Course Units
Professional Communication 
(PC)SK 43
Level 4 (Strategic Level)   
Strategic Management Accounting (SMA)SL 13
Business Strategy & Policy (BSP)SL 23
Financial Strategy & Policy (FSP)SL 33
Risk and Control Strategy & Policy (RSP)SL 43
Integrative Case Study(ICS)ICS3
  • The Case Study is allowed to be taken only after completion of all stages.

Pre Examination Seminars

Pre examination seminars for candidates will be held for Strategic Level and Integrative Case Study.