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CMA Students' Guild


CMA Students' Guild, which we called as "CSG", is the student body of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMA). CMA Students' Guild builds cohesion among the students of the Institute of Certified Management Accountants. CSG was initiated by Prof. Lakshman R.Wattawala, President of CMA Sri Lanka to promote and develop CMA students' body for the betterment of current and potential studentship.

CSG is operated by CMA students; this is initiated with the thoughts that rose in the minds of students who could gather "Indo Lanka CMA Students Fest" held at Cochin, State of Kerala, India. That unity could bring proud to the Institute as well as to our mother land by achieving a prize of overall runners up. CSG was formed with 12 active student members in March 2012, and currently CSG has more than 200 student members and also planned to increase its council members; therefore every student should stand together with the Guild to achieve our ultimate goals.

The purpose of the CMA Students' guild is to stand as representatives of students within the Institute and externally and to help them to go ahead and beyond their profession. CSG also responsible for providing various services to the students to promote their extracurricular activities, such as academic conferences, training contracts, publications, the coordination of student organizations, seminars and also sport & entertaining activities to build up interaction between fellow students.

Objectives of the CSG

  • Represent the students in evaluation of the education and decision making within the Institution.
  • To promote the Institute and its strategy; the profession of accountancy generally.
  • "CSG" is focusing on providing students with facilities, support, and services.
  • Representation and interpretation of the Guild's activities in contacts outside the institute with similar student groups;
  • Encouragement of the development of the CMA students engaged in activities related to the educational activities
  • Continuous study and review of the student's activities.


  • To communicate with and receive communications from student members, Branch Student Societies regarding their needs, concerns and opinions, both current and future;
  • To provide information to the Institute about the needs, concerns and opinions of student members;
  • To initiate and agree, in consultation with the Secretary, the content of news releases on the work of the CSG which should be approved by the Institute;
  • To report to the Institute Council every six months at least on its activities.

Students are invited to register for CSG, for more details contact : 077 540 3715